Friday, December 14, 2012

Well, here we are...

Well here I am again, at the end of another semester of law school, preparing to write some more on my  MA research project and attempting to see my son over the Christmas holiday break between semesters.  I'm a little bit closer to my goal of returning home to Florida.  Divorce difficulties with my son's mother continue, as they probably alway will to some degree or another.  But that's the easy part.  Finally developing a strong relationship with someone who means so much more to me than my ex ever did, and am quite surprised by this welcome development.

As I opened my eyes the morning after this semester's last final and the afterglow of The Hobbit wore off, I was shocked by this morning's news of the terrible school shooting in Connecticut.  And then news flashing across the ticker of an equally horrible attack of over 20 children in China.  It makes me wonder, how much longer will we adults visit our horrors on our children?

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