Friday, March 13, 2015

Tips for staying sane during your job search
Mary Sherwood Sevinsky, Careerealism
CHICAGO, IL -- Treat your job search like a job. Set your alarm, get dressed, and go to your office every weekday. Schedule job search tasks. Day one: Review and apply to jobs online. Day two: Make telephone calls to employers and request informational interviews. Day three: Return calls, attend meetings and participate in industry groups. Day four: Practice interviewing and review job search and career articles. Day five: Make follow up calls. Day six: Call friends and employers who are hiring. Call and follow up with Staffing agencies where you are registered.

Update friends and family on your progress. Think about something positive to share every day. Be open to help. People like to feel helpful - it makes them feel good about themselves. Tell them how they can help. Periodically ask if the company they work with is hiring or if they have heard of any openings.

Put your best foot forward and stay positive. Like often attracts like. Volunteer with the disadvantaged or disabled, join a group, go to church, subscribe to inspirational quotes online. All of these will help to keep you in a more positive mindset and keep you moving forward in your job search. Finally, have a goal. Spend time dreaming and then planning for your long term career goals. If you don't have short- and long-term plans, it is difficult to tell if you are on the right path or, even, if you have arrived!

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