Friday, October 28, 2016

Morgan - A good, but not perfect, sci-fi thriller worth seeing.

Morgan was amusing, if slightly formulaic, sci-fi. I caught it at the local dollar show yesterday. I had a feeling that it would be worth seeing, but perhaps not something I had the will to spend $10 on at full box office price.

The film's start Kate Mara was icy and aloof, but the reason for such aloofness wasn't really apparent until about ten minutes before the end. The film was surprisingly star-heavy, featuring appearances by Michelle Yeoh, Paul Giamatti, Toby Bell, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Game of Thrones' Rose Leslie.  I kept wondering who was the star of the film.
As movies begin to explore the ethical implications of A.I., cloning and similar technologies, I expect even more of these sorts of films to come out, some better than others. Having said all that, I feel it was definitely worth a couple of hours of time. If you have a chance, go see it.

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