Thursday, April 23, 2009

Musical Recommendations:

Ingravitto - Macaco
Dani and the crew of Macaco have made a career of skillfully crafting grooves that mix equal parts flamenco, reggae & dub, pop and hip-hop into a potent brew. Personal favorites:
Mama Tierra - a great song raising environmental awareness of the lasting damage being done to the planet. Available on iTunes.

Young Folks (single) - Peter Bjorn & John
This song, with its light, breezy melody and 60s-reminiscent pop sound, while not brand spanking new (I think it came out in the middle of 2007), certainly captured my attention. Plus, the video is kinda nice, in a creepy way. It has an eerie-looking, pastel hand drawn look about it with an animation style that looks like a comic strip or moving paper dolls.

Sadat X - Black October
Great album. Judging from the lyrics, Sadat sounds like he's on his way to do a short bid. Insightful lyrics speak to the things he'll miss while inside as well as the situation that led him to this end. Support one of the great 'lunchbox emcees' in the business.

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